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Stacy “Simply Stacy” Wilson is a passionate poet, author, motivational speaker, and visionary who first developed a love for “using her words” at the tender age of 13. Over the years, life experiences composed of trials, swift transitions and triumphs have provided a platform for Stacy’s artistic perspective. Her notebooks were bursting at the seams prompting Stacy to begin sharing her work publicly. Armed with a warm and infectious smile, along with a sincere desire to uplift and encourage others, Stacy’s journey of using words to reach out to the world began. In 2012, she released her debut spoken word CD, “Love & Worship: A Lyrical Journey for the Heart & Soul” along with her first collection of published poems that bear the same name. In 2013, she co-authored with 23 women an amazing collection of real-life experiences entitled, “You ARE Valuable: The World Needs What’s Inside of You."  In 2016 she released another book of poetry entitled, "Loved Beyond My Issues: Lyrically Free To Be Me."  You ARE Valuable: The Audio Book was released on June 15, 2017.  She has not stopped, on December 25, 2019, she released her sophomore spoken word album titled, The Remnant.

Stacy has simple goals, to empower and inspire others to be bold in the sharing of their truth, no matter what.  When asked to describe the reception she receives from audiences during her spoken word performances Stacy commented, “I now know this journey that began with my poetry is meant to be. All I had to do was say yes…all I had to do was agree to follow God’s plan for me.” 

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