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FHW Writing Services offers a variety of services including but not limited to:

 We offer professional, quality and efficient products as it is our #1 GOAL to give our customers THE ABSOLUTE BEST every time!


Resume Writing

  Resume packages start at $50.00:

  • Business Professional Start Package
  • Specialized Skills Package
  • Customized Resume Package


 (Non-Refundable $25.00 Deposit Required)

Other Services

  • Letter Templates - Starting at $35.00
    • Payment Arrangement 
    • Credit Dispute
    • Request for Information
  • Simple Agreements - Starting at $50.00
  • Course syllabi - Starting at $50.00
  • Surveys - Starting at $30.00
  • Personal Budget Templates - Starting at $40.00

(Non-Refundable $25.00 Deposit Required for services over $30.00)

Book Publishing

 Free one-hour consultation on how to self- 


 Interior & Content Edit; cost outline:

  • 0 - 150 pages - $400
  • 151-400 pages - $600
  • 400+ pages - requires review for customized pricing

 **Cover design is a separate cost

 ***Paperback books only

 (50% Non-Refundable Deposit Required)

 NEW CUSTOMERS - Submit book drafts HERE

Request Invoice to Pay Deposit - CLICK HERE - OR - call us at 877-434-9552 Option 2

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FHW Publishing

Did you miss the self-publishing information session? No problem! For a donation of any amount, we will send you the aids from the virtual session.

100% of the donations received will support the I Am Valuable Mentoring Program - thank you so much for your donation.