"Building by way of arts, empowerment, and inspiration, one person, one passion at a time."

About The Founder

Stacy C. Wilson is an entrepreneur, spoken-word artist, author, and mentor whose compassion and ambition have earned her a reputation as an advocate of positive change. Currently residing in Loudoun County, Virginia, Stacy is a happily married, proud mother of three beautiful children. Stacy is also the founder of Following His Way, LLC, an umbrella organization. Following His Way is an umbrella organization comprised of four subsidiaries: FHW Publishing, Simply Stacy Poetry, the I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™, and It Takes Work relationship community. God led Stacy to start Following His Way to do just that, follow His Way. Through the spoken word's expression, she shares the message of God's unfailing love and heart for people. God uses the I Am Valuable program to harness her insecurities and embrace the truth that she and every other person have value. "The journey to loving myself inspired me to create something that would help other girls and women see their own value, no matter who else doesn't." Stacy has authored three books and recorded two audiobooks under Following His Way Publishing and guides other fellow writers through the self-publishing process. 

Filled with exuberant elation and overflowing with optimism, Stacy is in one word…READY; to give her all, to GO where only GOD can take her!