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Author Nikki Hancheck

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Nikki Hancheck is an emerging author, encourager, and proud mother on a lifelong mission to help other women heal through the infinite power of storytelling. Fueled by her unapologetic determination and courage, she strives to pen truths that bring people out of the darkness and into the light. Nikki’s debut book, “Visible Scars: Healing The Pain” serves as not only a catalyst for her inner transformation after being raped but a voice for other women who have endured similar hardships in their lives.

Visible Scars - Healing The Pain


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Visible Scars: Healing the Pain instantly takes the reader on an emotive journey through life’s tumultuous waters revolving around mental and sexual abuse. These cathartic snippets of self-discovery showcase a heart-felt story that jolts the depth of one’s soul wide awake with its unshakable sense of hope. Through Nikki’s exquisite use of eye-opening narrative, this awakening of one’s soul gains momentum. Both unapologetic and equally as authentic, this author invites you to heal and transform along with her.

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Publication Date: November 16, 2017