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Author Krystal G. Williams

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My Victory for God's Glory: A Book of Strength


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Publication Date: April 23, 2018


My Victory for God’s Glory: A Book of Strength is a unique poetic devotional that uses the power of written poetry to take readers on a journey through some of life’s most roller coaster moments. Raw and transparent, these poetic expressions take you on a captivating process provoking thought, humbling the mind, and invoking a posture of gratefulness. The emotions poured into each piece will allow you to truly envision the impact of God’s life-altering love and mercy.

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Krystal G. Williams is a  passionate, multi-faceted, creative who writes with the sole purpose of being obedient to God. A native of Washington, D.C., Krystal was exposed to various forms of artistic expression at an early age. She has always had a heart for reading and writing poetry; however, God began to use her writings and what she read as tools for healing in her own life, beginning January 2, 2017.  Krystal is releasing her first published work, a poetic devotional entitled, My Victory For God's Glory: A Book of Strength in the Spring of 2018.  Through these written works, Krystal communicates her feelings to God through poetic expression inducing joy, healing, and gratefulness to every man, woman, and child that picks up the book. It is her ultimate desire to use every gift God has given her to help as many people as He places in her path. It is her hope that every reader feels God’s LOVE and knows that He is listening and paying close attention to them at all times.